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GS Money Limited registered MSB & FCA license holder and operating as a money service business since 2013 we also have lot of agents operating in the UK in compliance with Money Laundering Regulation (MLR). We have already drawing arrangement with The NCC Bank Ltd, Bangladesh.

In giving best exchange rates, market information and trading mechanisms to financial decision makers on a regular basis, we feel we have achieved our goals and in doing so allowed others to better manage their foreign currency exposures. To date the majority of our business comes from our reputation with our clients and referrals of our service and pricing. Based in the heart of the city of Bedford, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer best rates, great service, and an easy way to transfer money internationally. Our system is the latest in money transfer technology with a world wide network of locations and dedicated professionals.

GS Money Limited at this moment procuring remittance for Bangladesh only. To reduce the risk of multiple currencies, we are focusing on Bangladesh market only where there is 1 Billion USD$ market.

Apply to become an AGENT

To become an Agent, please come along with the following original documents:

1. Certificate of Incorporation (Limited Company Only)

2. ID & Proof of address for all Shareholders & Directors or Proprietor

3. Proof of business address

4. Memorandum of Association (Limited Company Only)

Along with signed trading agreement.

After receiving all those documents we will provide you our bank details to deposit money. Further clarification please feel free to contact us on +44(0)1234 217 036